Competitions for Fellowships for Research

The Academic Research Institute in Iraq announces two competitions for fellowship programs, one for citizens of Iraq, and one for U.S. citizens.

Both competitions have strict eligibility requirements that must be met before applications may be submitted. Before inquiring about a fellowship program, please be sure that you meet the requirements for the program in which you are interested.


for US Citizens

TARII invites proposals from U.S. scholars for feasible research on Iraq-related topics to be conducted outside of Iraq for projects up to $7,000. Joint projects with Iraqi citizens in Iraq will also be considered.


for Iraqi Citizens

Proposals are invited from individual post-doctoral and advanced pre-doctoral Iraqi researchers living in Iraq for fellowships to conduct research related to Iraq in any field of the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences for up to $4,000.


Previous Fellows

TARII provides fellowships for U.S. scholars researching Iraq-related topics. Funds for research fellowships begin in March of each year. TARII has sponsored a variety of projects and scholars since 2005.