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TARII Membership and Board of Directors

TARII was founded in 1989 by a consortium of American universities, colleges, and museums, which are the primary beneficiaries of its programs. Institutional representatives serve as TARII’s Board of Directors and participate in its governance. TARII is, therefore, directly responsible to its stakeholders. The TARII Executive Committee, consisting of the officers and two Board members, assures academic integrity, organizational oversight, and financial and programmatic reporting.

TARII’s individual membership includes students and scholars of all ranks, as well as interested members of the public who support its programming and receive its electronic newsletter.

If you wish to join TARII as an institutional member, the annual fee to be paid by your university, college, library, or museum is $300. If you wish to join TARII as an individual member, the annual, general fee is $45, and the student fee is $30 dollars.

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