The universities, colleges, and museums that comprise TARII’s membership participate in its governance by appointing a representative to the Board of Directors. TARII is funded in part through the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC), an umbrella organization for overseas research centers, and benefits from its considerable experience. The TARII Executive Committee, consisting of the officers and two Board members, reports to the Board, and is charged with assuring academic integrity, organizational oversight, and financial and programmatic accountability.

Administrative oversight is provided by the US Director in the U.S. and a Resident Director for Iraq. Under present circumstances, the Resident Director operates from Amman, Jordan, but will set up operations in Iraq when conditions allow. The Resident Director acts as a liaison between TARII and Iraqi scholars and scholarly institutions, maintains an office, and is assembling a library. When established in Iraq, the Resident Director will oversee and maintain a hostel for visiting scholars, will facilitate the acquisition of research permissions, and will assist scholars in the execution of their research projects.

TAARII is incorporated in the state of Illinois and has 501c3 status with the Internal Revenue Service.