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TARII Roundtable at MESA: "Iraqi Studies across Disciplines: The Future for an Iraqi Research Center"

  • Sheraton New Orleans 500 Canal Street New Orleans, LA, 70130 United States (map)

Please join us for our Roundtable at MESA!


Due to the ongoing legacies of sanctions, authoritarianism, violence, and foreign interventions we have now suffered over 20 years of disconnect between international scholars, who do research in Iraq studies, and their ability to conduct that research inside of Iraq. Following on The Academic Research Institute in Iraq (TARII)’s recently established Center for Research in Baghdad we propose a roundtable to review the state of Iraq Studies in all disciplines and how our research center in Baghdad can contribute to the future of the field. TARII is a registered non-profit devoted to promoting scholarly research on and in Iraq and to strengthen relationships between Iraqi and American scholars and institutions. At this time in particular, Iraq’s important role on the world stage necessitates facilitating research on Iraq with a full and accurate context that can be best accessed inside Iraq. With this panel we hope to provide the opportunity for a robust discussion covering Iraqi history, contemporary politics, cultural heritage, and cultural production across disciplines today.

Roundtable Chair: Peter Wien


  • Nabil Al-Tikriti

  • Katharyn Hanson

  • Alda Benjamen

  • Antoine Borrut

  • Matthieu Rey